On Monday a house on Robertson Avenue was engulfed by fire and the three renters (doctoral students in the Chemical Engineering program at UVa) lost all their possessions and housing furnishings.  Like so many of our international students, they did not have renters’ insurance.  I hope you can join me in donating even a few dollars directly to these students using the link above.  It’s not often you donate money that the entire amount you donate will go directly to those that need it.

"Among the ways in which the Office of the Dean of Students is assisting them is the establishment of a fund to which donations can be made and from which our students can satisfactorily settle themselves in a new place and finish the semester successfully.  I send you this link with the only expectation that you kindly forward it widely so our University community can respond generously if they so choose.  And, I thank you for your good efforts."

— Aaron Laushway, Associate Dean of Students

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